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Strategies for Repositioning Resorts

Everest NightBridge - Capital for Legacy Resorts

The Owners of mature, “legacy” timeshare resorts find themselves facing a host of challenges to sustaining the financial health of their HOA and the operations of their resort. They need to make critical decisions about the future of their property, and for themselves personally, identifying the best way forward. Is the wisest decision to keep their resort operating as is, or shrink the timeshare program to match a declining Owner base, or possibly to harvest the benefits of many years of ownership and sell the entire project?

Who we are

Everest Nightbridge (“EN”) is an affiliate of Everest Properties. Everest has a 25-year history of having invested in excess of $200,000,000 in more than 650 shared-ownership entities.  EN brings to legacy resorts a compelling combination of both its capital and reputable track record of optimizing outcomes for the Owners of complex properties like timeshare resorts. Everest’s partner, Joe Mitchell, enhances EN’s capabilities by adding his distinguished expertise in fractional ownership, resort development, and asset sales.

What we do

Everest Nightbridge partners with timeshare Boards, Owners, and resort managers to re-organize, renovate, reposition, and if appropriate sell legacy resorts. In addition to capital, EN has the capability to provide exceptional experience in virtually every aspect of asset management: legal, property re-positioning, operations, financing, and property dispositions. Our investments are structured to meet the needs of each resort, reflecting our understanding that every resort’s situation is unique and achieving the best results for Owners requires close collaboration between EN, Boards, and property managers.

Capital Uses

Legal and consulting fees

Revising timeshare governing documents

Purchase and buyback of intervals

Proxy solicitations and Owner votes

Property renovations and upgrades

Operating losses

HOA termination and windup


So, how to begin?  It’s simple - tell us your story.   The challenges a resort is facing may be difficult, the solutions complex and costly, but the first step is easy, and free. Call or email, describe your resorts situation and what you need and we’ll take a look.  If we can be of help, we’ll sign agreements assuring that everything you tell us and all the information you give us will be kept strictly confidential.  From there, we’ll thoroughly evaluate your situation, ask a lot of questions, and come back to you with an action plan.

Why EN is the right choice?

What solutions can we bring to HOA’s and Owners?

Our specialty is creating liquidity at best prices for the owners of otherwise unsaleable ownership interests. It’s difficult, painstaking work that requires balancing many competing interests, significant amounts of capital, and large doses of patience. Blah blah blah – need to figure out how to finish this.


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Joe Mitchell, Principal
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